It’s just dirt, right? If you are planning to purchase a property or build a new home or business, the type of soil you have may bring your plans to a halt. Proper planning requires verification of soil types and conditions. Rocky soils, high water table or shrink swell soils could increase the cost of your project by thousands of dollars and require an Alternative Drainfield System or Engineered footers. Acres of Virginia Inc. can help you determine the right course of action to accomplish you project or purchase.

Acres of Virginia, Inc. offers the following services:
Drainfield Design and Mapping
Mass Drainfield Design
•Soils Classification & Evaluations for Drainfields
Shrink swell soil evaluations
•Subdivision Drainfield Designs
•Potable Water Studies
•KSAT Testing (Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity)
Operation and Maintenance Inspections and Service
•Feasability Studies

Yearly Maintenance and Inspections (agreements may be required)
We Specialize in:
•B.E.S.T. 1
•Drip Disposal Systems
•Direct Discharge Systems
•Eco Pur
And many more …
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