Land Surveying and Planning

Land Surveying has continually evolved over the years. Our predecessors utilized equipment such as compasses, chains and slide rules. We now use the latest technology such as Robotic Total Stations, Global Positioning Systems and Computers. This has greatly increased the precision of our surveys and decreased the time it takes to complete a project. The one constant that every true professional strives for is incorporating sound survey principles into each survey. By having unsurpassed knowledge of surveying law and our predecessors techniques, strengths and weaknesses our professional staff at Acres of Virginia, Inc., can provide you with not only a precisely measured project but an accurately accomplished one as well. Let our staff put their experience to work for you today and get your project on the road to success!

Acres of Virginia, Inc. offers the following services:
•Land Boundary Surveys
•Property line marking
•House Locations
•Property Corner Locations
•Mortgage Surveys
•As-Built Surveys
•ALTA/ACSM Surveys
•Residential Subdivisions
•Commercial Subdivisions
•Highway Surveys
•GPS Control Surveys
•Topographic Surveys
•Construction Stakeout
•Utility Location Surveys
We Specialize in:•Land Boundary Disputes

•Ancient Boundary Re-tracement

Forensic Court House Research

Forensic Surveys (Accident Scenes)

•Federal, State and Local Projects

FEMA Map Amendments

Flood Elevation Certificates

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