Protecting the environment has become a priority for today’s society. To insure a bright and healthy future for our children we have developed ecologically friendly building, land disturbance and waste management techniques and designs. Preventative measures are a good start to preserving our planet. Mitigation, cleanup and restoration of environmentally damaged sites are also important to insure our planet’s health. Acres of Virginia, Inc., can provide the services you need to prevent environmental impacts or assist in the mitigation of most any environmental issue.

Acres of Virginia, Inc. offers the following services:
Wetland Assessments, Delineations and Mitigation
Alternative Septic Design
Drainfield Repair Designs
Phase I Environmental Studies
Phase II Environmental Studies
•Asbestos Inspections
•Remediation Action Plans
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Storm Water Management
•Oversite of site cleanups and implementation of Remediation action plans
•Lead Based Paint Inspections

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